Concrete loudspeakers Made in Sweden

Rauna was founded in the beginning of 1982 by Mr Bo Hansson, Mr Lennart Bergstedt and Mr Olle Neckman.


The idea was to create a perfect acoustical and stable cabinett at an affordable price, never seen before on conventional loudspeakers. They were designed fopr musiclovers rather than the wealthy.


The name Rauna is from "Raunavaara" that was the name of Bo Hanssons granparents. At the same time they wanted the name to be typically nordic and ancient stones with inscriptions carved out of the surface is in Swedish called "Runa", and as the speakars are almost as steady as a rock it was a very suitable name.

The succes came imediately. When Rauna was "peaking" it says that they had more than half of the market in Sweden for quality-speakers and that part was 20 % of the complete production. The rest was exported. The biggest marketplace was USA, but Germany and also Norway and Denmark was big Rauna-countries..


Rauna had a slogan "The worst you can build out of six chipboardpieces is a loudspeaker". This was mentioned by a HiFi-Show-visitor after listening to Rauna Leira.


Despite the success, Bo Hansson disagreed with the others and 1984 he started his own brand under the name Opus 3. Some of you might be familiar with this name as it is also famous from the Recordcompany with the same name. Known for excellent recordings. This company he runned with Jan-Erik Persson, that are still maikng truly great recordings under this label. .


The production of the Opus3-speakers took place in a small town that is named Degerfors in the deep woods of Sweden. First there was the Capella bookshelfmodel, but shortly after the Delta-series with Credo, Chorus and Chaconne saw the day of light. The new models Vidar and Vale is actually based on Credo and Chorus, but refined in every way.


Also Cresendo the largest model was made, but stopped being produced shortly after. It was to heavy!. The turntable Continuo that is still produced was also a part of the portfolio as also the Candela Valve-amplifier. All construcions of Bo Hansson.


In the early 1990-s, Sweden had huge financialproblems and as the bank required payback, Opus 3 was in liquidation. .Moldingequipment e t c was later sold to another Company (also with Bo Hansson behind). Rauna-brand was also sold to the same company. The company was also economically struggling and after some years also gone.

In the year 2003 Bo Hansson had saved enough money to buy everything back. He also bought the only Swedish manufacturar of driveunits called Sinus as they earlier was used in the Opus 3 speakers. Now he started to design own speakerdriveunits and also had a patent on a new type of spider.


Production has since been made in smaller volumes. Inspired by Bo own Reference-speaker system that was actually built in his house he also made larger models as CaveRex, Ukko, Hugin and Munin. The turntable Continuo was always hept in production. A small amount of Credo and Tyr was also produced..


Bo really lived for his music and to achive a very natural sound and in the year 2011 even though he was retired by age, he had plans to start loudspeakerproduction in a löarger volume again and produce the new affordable Rauna, but saidly he passed away in May the same year. The turntable was taken over by rthe carpenter that previusly worked with Continuo for the last years, named Håkan Agborg at Nykroppa Snickeri. For more information please see: www.continuo.se


The stock of Sinus-driveunits, productionequipment e t c was bought by the two brothers Lennart and Martin Niklasson. Lennart is developing and supports the speakers while Martin taking care of sales and marketing. They have both worked with Bo Hanssons products since mid 1980:s and truly understand what Bos vision was.


"Our hopes is to be able to further develope Bo Hanssons nice products and refine the concept. Even after more than 30 years his concept is still very up-to-date and still can compete with cheaply made "Far east" speakers without costing more. The performance is clearly better".


It took a while to develope new kits for old models, but they were launched in March 2013..


Vidar and Vale was launched in January 2015.


The legend continues.



If you have any further questions, please contact us at info@rauna.com


Best wishes


Martin and Lennart Niklasson


Rauna of Sweden AB


Pictures from the Opus 3 factory in Degerfors in the late 1980:s

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