Rauna models have through their more than 30 years of existance used old norse-names.

Here you can see what they means:

Vidar & Vale

Vidar is a God that was one of the strongest (after Thor). His mother was the giant Grid and father was the mighty Oden. Together with his halfbrother Vale he overtook some of Odens duties. .


Vale is another god and the son of Oden and Rind. Just one day old he killed the God Höder as a revenge taking the God Balders life. Ruled toghether with his halfbrother Vidar.


Atle is a "nickname" for the Hunnerking Attila.



Balder is a God. Son of Oden and Frigg, husband of Nanna and father of Forsete ("Forseti"). He was a very kind God.




Freja is the God of fruitfulness. Daughter of Njord and sister to Frej.




Leira means mud in Norwegian.

Something you also can form and therefore suitable as a name of Rauna.

Hugin & Munin

Hugin and Munin was the cravces belonging to Oden. The wisest of the Gods.


Ymer was the name of a famous giant.


Tyr is a name for another God. In Swedish also called Ti. Some places is for instance named after him.


Njord means power and strengh.

The God of the sea. Father of 10 children.


Ukko was a fatherfigure in Finish mythologi. He kept order in the world..

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