1 piece 6.5 inch bassdriver with coated

paper. 1 piece 1 inch softdome trebleunit



2 way bassported



38-20.000 Hz +/- 3 dB



18 dB treble, 12 dB bass



88 dB



8 Ohm nominal



H 81cm x W 29 cm x D 30 cm



25 kg each unboxed



Vale is a stable and realible floorstanding speaker with great sound in every aspect of sound.


The shape of the speaker is acoustically adjusted, with a "leaning" front, just to make sure the driveunits are aligned in the same phase. Their frequenzies will reach the listener at the same time. The format is unregular so that internal vibrations are minimized. Its cabinet is molded of a special kind of concrete and interanally damped. In short a vibrationsonfree box, so that every details of the music is there.


This model works very well in smaller as bigger rooms. Just make sure you "feed" them through good electronics, and the reward will be efortless, natural sound without colouring from the box.


The organ was our founder Bo Hanssons favorite of instruments and Vale makes it justice, but even pop- and rockfans will be fully satisfied. They just will hear more of the originalrecording than ever before!.


If you like music - You will love Vale.





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